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The Store: 

Welcome to the ULIVERSE's Artworks Store. Here you will find beautiful photographs created by Ulises Cabrera da Silva.

This artworks are inspired in travels, urban images, nature, everyday moments and abstract inspirations by the artist. They are perfect to complete and be part of that special space in your home and office. Contact us for enquires about special requests. Cheers!


The Artist:

Ulises, was born in Argentina in a hot summer of 1980. Half Argentinian, half Brazilian he grew up with a mix of cultures and languages. Since little he was fascinated with traveling and experiencing new environments and life gave him the opportunity to grow around urban and nature scenarios and he developed a special sensibility for the simple things. 

Through his lens he captures this simplicity showing his point of view and interpretation of life. Abstract visions are part of Ulises' approach and unique style.

You can get in touch with Ulises here.



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