Maite in La Habana ©2021 YasUli Art

Maite in La Habana by YasUli Art ©2021

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She's a French diva from the past century. Absorbed by dreams and vicious habits in the streets of a rotten city, she preserves her glow and outdated sexiness. Dark secrets are hide behind her temple. Indomitable wild beast, she remains perpetual and authentic.

Walking the streets of La Habana, you will find her. And she will eat you in one bite.


"Maite in La Habana"

©2021 Ulises Cabrera da Silva & Yasnaia Gaya (YasUli Art)

Original Artwork

Picture Size: 16.227 in x 11.073 in @ 300ppi / 15.23 Mb

File format: High Resolution JPEG / RGB

Technique: Digital photography shot in Cuba, intervened by a traditional illustration made with pencil and microfiber. The illustration was photographed and later treated and integrated to the photograph in Adobe Photoshop®.

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